2019 Annual Meeting Update

On Tuesday, July 9th, the Board of Directors held their annual meeting at the Howard Volunteer Fire Department. Prior to the meeting officially starting, the board responded to questions from the attending members and area residents.  Board member, Chip Cutler gave a brief overview of the W4447 decree and how and whom it impacts in the Acres of Ireland sub-division. Of course you can read all the details of the how and why in the other sections of this website.

Meeting Notes….

  • There are three board positions up for reelection this year. Ballots will be mailed out along with the annual letter and can be returned with your annual dues. The ballots will have the option for write-in votes in addition to the current board members running for reelection. Please remember that you neeed to be a member in good standing in order to cast your vote or to take advatage of the ability to add a write-in candidates name. Basically, that means that you need to have paid your dues this last year ($45). The board member’s running for reelection this year are…
    • President – Ed Zabrisky
    • Secretary – Tom Kainz
    • Member at Large – Marshall Nichols.
  • Attending neighbors requested that, along with the ballot and bill for the upcoming years dues, a letter be added which would contain a brief overview of what the W4447 water decree is and how the Board is maintaining compliance with the decree in order to keep residents informed – especially the newer residents.
  • Ed Zabrisky outlined the water releases for the 2018 year noting that water was released back into Cherry Creek in the average of 95,500 gallons per month for a total of 1,146,000 gallons for the year or 3.52 acre feet.
  • Financials.
    • The Association realized an income of $2,780 from member’s dues in 2018. That is a compliance rate of only 50.8%
    • 2018 Expenses totaled $1,139.84 and were broken down as follows:
      • $669.50: Insurance to cover the small piece of land the association owns combined with the water transfer and monitoring infrastructure.
      • $31.60: Fremont County Taxes
      • $54.00: PO Box Fees
      • $170.00: CPA
      • $164.74: Southeastern Water Conservancy District – 4 acre feet of water
      • $50.00: Collegiate Peaks Bank – Bank Fees
    • 2019 Expenses – year to date totaled $1,070.70 and were as follows:
      • $669.50: Insurance
      • $37.12: Taxes
      • $97.13: Last year’s (2018) annual mailing charges.
      • $56.00: Postal Fees
      • $161.03: Southeastern Water Conservancy District
      • $50.00 Coollegiate Peaks Bank – Bank Fees
    • Current bank balance (as of 6/30/19) is $12,535.44. The goal is to establish a reserve fund sufficient to allow for any unexpected water and/or leagal expenses should current situations with the W4447 decree change in the future.
  • Other Items
    • The Board wishes to remind  Acres of Ireland residents that they are supposed to be reporting their water meter readings semi-annually. Failure to do so could jeopardize the W4447 water decree that we’re working very hard to maintain. (As soon as I can verify the various means of reporting the readings, I’ll post that here for everyone – Tom)
    • The annual mailing for dues and the ballot will be going out within a couple of weeks.
    • The annual fees for this upcoming year will remain the same ($45).