Update 03/29/12 – Addressing Operation Agreement & Balloting Concerns

With the recent release of our first Operating Agreement in conjunction with the voting ballots for the Board of Directors, it seems that there’s a bit of confusion about those two items. The Board of Directors for the Acres of Ireland Well Owners would like to clarify the following issues……

1. The ballot which was distributed in the last mailing was for the sole purpose of voting for the Board of Directors positions and not for the final decision pertaining to the permanent course we will be taking to put a final resolution to the “W4447” issue. It is the intent of the Board to formalize all information pertaining to the W4447 issue and distribute that to the membership for a formal vote on that issue. It is anticipated that this should be occurring within the next few months.

2. Regarding the new Operation Agreement (OA): It should be no surprise that trying to come up with an initial Operating Agreement that would please everyone would be an impossible task and the Board did the best job that they good with given information, resources and input. Given that, for those that have concerns about any areas of the OA, The board asks that you put your concerns in writing and mail them in so they can be formally discussed at the next board meeting. Additionally, as the Board is assigned to act on the best interests of the membership, by putting your concerns in writing, they will provide for an official document which the board can reference and make a permanent part of the record whereas verbal conversations with the board members do not provide that manageable record and documentation. Sorry, but we don’t have a court reporter on staff to walk around with us when visiting our neighbors (just trying to add a bit of levity to the topic !)

Please keep checking periodically for the next board meeting date and for additional information regarding the upcoming W4447 vote!